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The recruitment and the human capital solutions market is one of the fastest growing verticals in the services sector. With the war for talent getting intensely competitive, the market is becoming employee-driven than employer-driven. As this happens, employers are increasingly depending on specialized recruitment firms with high level of expertise and strong candidate database.

IT recruitments in general and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & BI (Business Intelligence) recruitments in particular demand a very high level of expertise on these technologies and products. Only a specialist can provide the desired level of recruitment support in such super speciality areas. In a market crowded with generic recruitment service providers, we differentiate ourselves as specialists in our identified niche.

StealthHunt is the most respected brand for ERP, CRM and BI recruitments in India. Our sharp focus is clearly articulated through our tagline “ERP, CRM & BI Recruitment Specialists”.

StealthHunt uses its proprietary sourcing methodology called ExpertSource to source high quaility candidates with perfect fit for the various ERP, CRM & BI positions. This is strongly supported by a very large database consisting of thousands of profiles of ERP, CRM & BI professionals which otherwise would not be available on standard portals and with generic IT recruitment firms.